What is a Bitch Slap?

bitch slap  /bich slap/

verb. slang.

1. to slap or “hit” someone, either verbally or physically, in an effort to bring that person to her senses, or to assert authority on a particular subject.

noun. slang.

1. a swift, precise awakening to a fact of nature. Neither the person delivering nor the person receiving the slap is considered “a bitch,” rather, the term refers to the direct, abrupt delivery of an irrefutable principle of reality.

Bitch Slap of Truth  /bich slap of trooth/

proper noun.  local. colloquial.

1. the name of a particular event hosted in Denver, Colorado, at 6 PM on the evening of November 3, 2016.  Six experts and one truth-telling comedian will deliver the most precise and hilarious nuggets of truth that they have gleaned from their careers in areas of body, being, brain, beliefs, belonging, boundaries, and brand.

2. an evening’s infotainment, girls’ night out (or girls plus some brave boys), billed as “TED talks meets Saturday Night Live,” or, as Master of Ceremonies Elaina MacMillan describes it, “TED’s slightly younger, slightly sluttier sister.”

3. a hilarious, poignant evening of great speakers, great truths, and the practical tools to save participants’ time, sanity, self-respect, and existential philosophy.  Adult language and adult situations presented with both love and humor.

What will the event be like?

Our 6 experts will be presenting 12-minute talks of precious life and work wisdom, designed for maximum entertainment and maximum time-and-sanity saving tools.  There will be time to socialize (or, if you must, “network”) both before and during the slaps, also through out the event. Adult beverages and adult language will be circulating freely, and we encourage you to come and learn, laugh, and let your hair down.  It’s a perfect Girls’ Night Out, or perhaps, Girls Pus Some Very Brave Boys.

Why would someone want to attend? Why would I want to attend?

We, the founders of Bitch Slap of Truth, are a group of women who love spirituality, personal development, success principles, AND raw humor and the cutting edge of everyday reality.  Our audience, we suspect, will feel the same.  Like us, you may love empowerment and those rare moments of real and lasting transformation, but have also grown weary of the predominantly serious and earnest atmosphere in which such things tend to take place.

“One of the greatest enemies of our growth, development, and general enjoyment of life is the fatal tendency to take most of it much too seriously.”  –Ellen M.M.

Here at Bitch Slap of Truth, we hope to deliver a time-saving breakthrough in the areas of life that matter most to you as intentional professionals—your body, brain, being, belonging, boundaries, belief, and brand.  But we know that almost more than anything, you need to laugh about this whole crazy thing called Life in the Post-Millennium for People Who Want to Change The World.  It’s a Bitch, sometimes, ain’t it?  Come laugh and learn and play with radical new possibility, a new way to see your endeavors.

What are the benefits to me for attending this event? Give me some deliverables.

This evening event showcasing 6 Denver experts (and one hilarious Emcee!) in spiritual/personal development is:

  • A unique opportunity to gather with like-minded visionary women (and a few brave men) who also love to laugh.
  • Like going to a TED Talks evening, but funnier, edgier, more irreverent and raw.
  • A chance to see a new perspective and experience a startling breakthrough in an area of life that is very important to you.
  • A great choice for a memorable girls’ night out!
What if I buy a ticket and then get invited for a long weekend in Belize? Can I get my money back?

You can totally get your money back if you take all of us with you to Belize.  No, but for reals. Once you buy a ticket, it’s yours, unless you choose to give it to some other deserving person.  No refunds.

How long is the event?

About 3 hours total with 2 hours for the ‘bitch slap’ performance portion of the program.  There will be some networking/social time both before and after the Bitch Slap portion of the evening.  You are also free to go to the bathroom whenever you choose.

6 PM, huh? Will I be fed? Any free drinks?

Small bites and a cash custom cocktail bar will be available to please your senses.

Can guys come? If I bring my husband, will he get bored?

Absolutely guys can come.  We just figured that an event with this title would be more appealing to women.  But if you know any guys who hear the name and are intrigued, they are probably exactly the kind of guys who would love it.  We also recommend this evening for guys who want to be surrounded by a bunch of hot, ambitious, leading-edge ladies.  I don’t know your husband so don’t know if he, specifically, will be bored, but none of our Bitch Slap topics are specifically feminine.  These truths about body intelligence, brain science, unique brand, self-identity and belonging, personal boundaries and policies, and limiting belief-loops are germane to all intelligent, intentional people.

Suggestions for preferred attire? Should I wear my new leather moto jacket?

You should wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable or attractive, or both, depending on what kind of person you are.  Hell, it’s Colorado, so let’s not kid ourselves—our understanding of bangin’ evening attire usually centers around boots and dress jeans.

Will there be a chance to network?

There will be time both before and after the event for you to “network,” or just to post a bunch of selfies of you and your girls taken from above so everybody looks really fresh and dewy.  Also, you know, it’s EXDO, which is right next to Tracks Night Club.  So you might want to plan on some dancing once you’re done getting Slapped.

What if I can’t come on this date? Will you be doing this event again?

We will definitely be doing other things, but the What and the When are still to be determined.  We are for sure going to order some commemorative coffee mugs.  Your best bet is to sign up for our newsletter and we will let you know all about our next offers for entertainment and community.

How do I get involved in future Bitch Slap events? Can I be a Bitch Slapper some other time?

Yes and probably! Send an email to “Hello @ TheBitchSlapOfTruth.com” and tell us about you and your visions for your involvement with the brand in the future or tell us why you would be a great Bitch Slapper and we will follow up with you after the event.

How can I help this time? Are you looking for volunteers?

We are looking for volunteers who can help to make sure this event runs like clock work! If you are interested in learning more about our volunteer opportunities and jobs send an email to “Hello @ TheBitchSlapOfTruth.com with the word “Volunteer” in the subject line.

Are you looking for partners or sponsors?

Yes! We would love to have you play with us and take advantage of our coolness to turn it into opportunity for you. Check out this document to learn more.

Still need help? Send us a note!

bitch slap of truth because the truth saves time... and sanity

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