Amelia Norfleet Dorn

IMPACT Personal Safety | Founder & Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Amelia Norfleet Dorn has over 20 years of experience in the fields of self-defense and empowerment. Through IMPACT International, she has taught personal safety skills to thousands of men, women and children. She founded IMPACT Personal Safety of Colorado (IPSCO) in 2009 and currently serves as its Director of Curriculum & Instruction.

She received her BA in theatre and dance and the Honors Award in Acting from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, OR. After that she spent a decade in Los Angeles celebrity assisting to support her empowerment and acting habits.

Amelia also facilitates Our Whole Lives (O.W.L.), a comprehensive, values-based, life-span sexuality education program.  But, most importantly, she is the proud mama of two very EMPOWERED children.


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