Ashley DePaulis, MPH

Bitch Slap of Truth Co-Founder | Sustainable Health Practitioner

Ashley hit a point in her career and realized she couldn’t truly help people become healthy if she was chained to a desk all day. After a combined 17 years in clinical research and public health she also realized that traditional wisdom about healthy eating and active living wasn’t making much of a difference. At all. That’s when she started ASH Fitness.

Ashley has written and co-authored 20+ health related publications, and having experienced both the clinical and practical aspects of the health sector, she knows what it really takes to help shift people’s experience. As a Sustainable Health Practitioner, she helps connect you with your Inner Athlete – the resilient part of you that’s all-knowing. She offers accountability, coaching and customized planning with step-by-step strategy for powerful leaders who want to recapture the energy of their most vital self. Until you connect with YOUR Inner Athlete, Ashley maintains that you won’t have true control of your weight or your health.

bitch slap of truth because the truth saves time... and sanity

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