Bitch Slap’s Best Year Ever

Hello Cupcake! Well, we did it! We have officially survived the major portion of the holidays. And now, that bold, brand new, spankin’ fresh year of 2017 awaits us.  In the spirit of which, I want to share with you ten potential New Year’s Resolutions that you might...

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There is Always a Train Heading to Crazytown

As a strong, capable bad-ass with a long history of self-development, I can say this with some certainty; No matter how evolved I become, how transformed I am, how controlled my conscious thoughts appear to be, there is always a train heading to Crazytown. And as...

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I’m Through with Love

To hear my mom tell it, Harlequin nearly ruined my sister. ‘You’re so deep in those romance books,” she’d say, “you won’t know what to do when real love comes around.’ Granted, when my sister was a teenager it was always a safe bet that wherever you found her--on a...

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Busy is B.S.

Are you ‘busy’? Is everyone you know ‘busy’? Is that the answer you hear most to the question, ‘How’s it going?’ Well, I got tired of it being my answer to that question, so I changed it a few years ago. But, I still hear how everyone is ‘busy’ ALL OF THE TIME. So, I...

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Tonight, I Get Bitch Slapped By the Moon

Tonight, I Get Bitch Slapped By the Moon I don’t know if y’all are noticing this, but for me it seems like life just keeps speeding up and getting stranger and stranger, more and more connected, more and more intensely entangled. Perhaps it’s simply the centrifugal...

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The Magical Unicorns of Diet & Exercise

There are times in life we become separated from our Inner Athlete – we get sick; we get hurt; we have a baby; we get overwhelmed and stressed (and depressed) and we figure that fitness and nutrition are not something we can afford to care about. Yet in truth, we...

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Reactions kick… but Responses are Pure Love

Hey there, Dr. Renee here again.  As one of the founders of the Bitch Slap of Truth, a Body Intelligence Expert and with 16 years of experience as a physical therapist, I’ve had lots of time to observe human behavior through my unique lenses on the world. I’d...

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Fuck Your List

Fuck Your List I need to talk to you about the Soulmate List. I know there are all kinds of lists, but this one’s the doozy. Mainly because it’s the one that trips up so many of us so often. And, secondly, because I’m fresh off a speed dating experience that had me...

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Name Your Shit Something Cool

Name Your Shit Something Cool Here’s a very, very sad fact for your Bitch Slap Blog Slap of the Day, as brought to you by the fabulous Stephen Pressfield, author of The War of Art and now the author of this new book: Nobody Wants to Read Your Shit. Ouch.  Harsh...

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Yo. Your knee jerk is kicking you in the balls.

Yo.  Your knee jerk is kicking you in the balls. Hey, I’m Dr. Renee, one of the founders of the Bitch Slap of Truth, and a Body Intelligence Expert.  My formal training and 16 years of experience as a physical therapist has given me lots of time to observe and...

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Advice from Drake

Hip Hop Star Drake (Unintentionally) Gives Great Advice to Women Entrepreneurs So here’s the thing.  I’m not saying that Drake did mean for these lyrics to inspire us as women in the marketplace, and I’m not saying he didn’t.  I’m just saying, Ladies, no...

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