Ellen Melko Moore

Bitch Slap of Truth Creator & Co-Founder | Writer, Brand Specialization Consultant

Ellen is the creator/co-founder of Bitch Slap of Truth. She is a writer and brand specialization consultant who helps intentional entrepreneurs create powerful, compelling and “damn sexy” brands through supertight focus and original content. She holds undergraduate and advanced degrees in Literary/Cultural Studies from Northwestern University and taught writing at The University of Denver for several years before she escaped from academia. Author of the forthcoming book This is Why I Came Here, a collection of humorous essays on spirituality and self-help, Ellen loves pop culture, hip hop and the fusion of the sacred with the profane. She is psyched to be sharing this planet with Eckhart Tolle, Seth MacFarlane, The Weeknd and all of you.

bitch slap of truth because the truth saves time... and sanity

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