Hello Cupcake.

Holy Shit! It’s almost time for the big evening.  There’s only 3 days left to go before our inaugural Bitch Slap of Truth event:  Thursday evening, November 3rd, 6 PM at Exdo Event Center in the RiNo Art District of Denver.  And if you’re coming, you’ll want to get your tickets NOW, because the price is $69 at the door.

Tickets are available to purchase online.

The Bitch Slap of Truth team spent last Friday at the Denver TEDx event for women, manning (womanning?) an experience table in the lobby at the invitation of TED.

Wall of Truth pictureWe were pleased and flattered to be invited, since we’ve described our own event as “TED Talks, but with more cursing and comedy.”  It is also true that TED asked us to be “low-key” about our name and logo (meaning, “Don’t put the words ‘Bitch Slap of Truth’ anywhere visible because TED is a more neutral, educational, professional brand and we don’t want to offend anybody”).

Now, we get that.  We understand how this brand shit works, and we’re not bothered by that. However. There’s also “the truth,” and we are, after all, THE BITCH SLAP OF TRUTH.

So here’s the truth. It WAS a challenge to design a Bitch Slap of Truth exhibit that shared our brand but hid our name.  Think about doing that for your own brand or project or business and you’ll see what I mean.

We decided to feature a “Wall of Truth” where TEDx attendees could share their Old and Updated Beliefs in six major areas of life:  Money, Career, Health, Relationships, Family, and Spirituality.

As you can see from the photos, attendees (both men and women) took a giant post-it note, and on one side they recorded the “old” belief, a limiting personal belief that kept them small and/or got them stuck, and on the other side they revealed their “updated/new” belief that lets them play big and/or keep moving.

And as far as “moving” goes, no Bitch Slap logos were needed for all of us to be moved, pretty profoundly.  Depending on who you are and where you are, in terms of your journey and your identity, it can be pretty damn agitating to write those very personal belief shifts up on a wall for hundreds of strangers to see.

There were some tears, especially when people saw other people “voting” for their life philosophy fears and upgrades by putting a checkmark on the ones that resonated for them.  (Old Belief:  “I can only make money by hard work”/Upgraded Belief: “I make money by being myself.”) And there was lots of admiring laughter for the daring ones, such as Old Belief:  “Monogamy is the only moral choice”/ Upgraded Belief: “Ethical polygamy is my moral choice,” or Old Belief:  “I’m a shitty mom who’s probably messing up my kids”/Upgraded Belief:  “Shitty moms don’t care or worry this much about their kids, hence I’m probably not as shitty as I think.”

Because I was outside in the lobby watching our Wall, I didn’t get a chance to go inside to hear the TEDx talks—but I could tell from the thunderous cheering that great things were happening inside the Buell auditorium.  What I could see was women, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of women, and quite a few brave men, who had taken the day off work or kids to get informed and get inspired and get moving on what really matters.  And that was some damn fine shit to see.

Of the 2800 people in attendance, I probably talked to about 200, about 90% of whom smiled or laughed in delight at the name on our t-shirts (Sorry, TED, but we did have to have the Bitch Slap name up somewhere).

And when I said, “Bitch Slap is for people who love spirituality and personal development but who also enjoy some good trash talk in the name of truth,” those approximately 180 people said:

“Oh, that’s me!”

Yes.  That’s you.  And that’s us.

Whether or not you can come to the event (and we hope you can, because it’s going to be epic!) you will still be one of us, and we’ll still be one of you.  At some point in the future, you’ll also be able to watch the slaps online.  Sign up for our newsletter and we’ll let you know when that day arrives.

Here’s the thing: it’s high time that we stop keeping these incredibly powerful energies in totally separate silos:  spirituality and human development in one little box, with the comedy of the human condition in another—lids firmly closed so never the twain shall meet.  Bitch Slap of Truth is not the only group whose mission is to mix the sacred with the profane, but we hope, with your help, to show the world that people—even women—can be intensely intentional and hilariously blunt at the same time.

And in the meantime, in the immortal words of Key and Peele, “I said . . . I said . . . I said . . . Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch.”

Love Always,


This evening event showcasing 6 Denver experts (and one hilarious Emcee!) in spiritual/personal development is:

  • A unique opportunity to gather in with like-minded visionary women (and a few brave men) who also love to laugh.
  • Like going to a TED Talks evening, but funnier, edgier, more irreverent and raw.
  • A chance to see a new perspective and experience a startling breakthrough in something important to you.
  • A great choice for a memorable girls’ night out!
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