There are times in life we become separated from our Inner Athlete – we get sick; we get hurt; we have a baby; we get overwhelmed and stressed (and depressed) and we figure that fitness and nutrition are not something we can afford to care about. Yet in truth, we never stop missing that feeling of energy, aliveness, and strength that are hallmarks of our Inner Athlete.

Or perhaps you’ve dealt with a major upheaval in your health, such as cancer, on-going weight gain, or an injury that has kept you sidelined and questioning your identity. If it were only about working out and eating healthy, you’d be doing that, which tells me something else is going on. And I know that when you’ve been able to do things a certain way for so long, when you can’t any longer, no matter what the reason is, it affects your mental fitness and your physical fitness. Now it’s necessary to create a new identity because you’re not the same person with the same motivations.

Hiya, I’m Ashley DePaulis, one of the Bitch Slap of Truth Co-Founders, and a Sustainable Health Practitioner. Through my formal training in public health, and my experience working with clients, I’ve come across many mindset patterns that keep people stuck in dis-empowering cycles of “healthy” vs. “unhealthy” living, sometimes for years.

Let’s look at the four most common culprits.  I call these mindsets “unicorns,” because they are magical, fantastical, and ultimately, a great way to keep you hooked into a beautiful idea that has no power in actual reality.

The 4 Core Magical Unicorn Mindsets


I’ll Get to It Later

Putting health on the back burner till a magical day in the future when we “have more time.” However that “magical day” thinking often results in a health crisis of some sort – whether it be physical pain, an accident, or dis-ease. Or even disease.


I Used to Be Able To

Identifying strongly with an old way of exercising, eating, and/or living that isn’t congruent with your lifestyle today.  Yes, you DID used to be a state champion hurdler or a killer skier or a spin-addict.  But now you have a baby. Or a mortgage.  Or even both.


I Will Eat/Exercise Perfectly

Trying to make sweeping changes all at once.  This usually comes in some form of “starting Monday morning I will eat 1200 calories a day and spend 90 minutes at the gym 6 times this week.”  Good luck with that.


I Already Know How to Eat/Exercise

We all think we do. This is what we tell ourselves to keep from learning, trying, or practicing something new, that might be more beneficial or easier than what we’re already doing.

The Good News:  there is a powerful antidote to these common core magical unicorn mindsets, and it’s called your Inner Athlete, a resilient part of you that isn’t fooled by these boring, repetitive attempts to weaken your body and spirit.

Releasing old, outdated mindset patterns that keep us stuck in varying states of less than optimal health, and beginning a relationship with our vital Inner Athlete will lead to sustainable health for a lifetime.

Whether you consider yourself an athlete or not is beside the point. If you participate in any form of physical activity and are looking to change your body composition, whether this comes in the form of a daily walk, a Saturday night dance party, or entering in just one race challenge, you’re an athlete.

The most important relationship in your physical life is your physical body. Your Inner Athlete has a direct line to your soul body, and what that soul-body cares about.  Not only does your Inner Athlete care about feeling better and performing better, it also cares about how much you play!

Until you connect to your Inner Athlete you won’t truly care about your health.

You may care about fitting into your skinny jeans, or looking impressively fit for your college reunion, or getting “revenge-hot” to taunt that useless wanker who jilted you, but that is not the same thing as living from your Inner Athlete. Who just wants to move, play, and feel generally awesome.

Sustainability = no effort, it’s just there for you to access at any time!

Sustainable health is health to enjoy for a lifetime, and therefore it isn’t about some drastic diet or hardcore exercise regime that makes you feel like a badass for a few weeks, but like a lazy asshole when you quit.  Your Inner Athlete is always here, now, within, waiting to help you have a day full of whatever movement and nutrition is best for you at the present time.

And guess what? You can care about your health & have a nice ass!

It’s totally fine with your Inner Athlete for you to have a great booty.  Your Inner Athlete is very much down with that, since strong glutes are the powerhouse of a strong body.  But that is something your Inner Athlete will help you develop, over time.

Seriously.  Just ask it.  It’s waiting to let you know what the two of you can do today.

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