Name Your Shit Something Cool

Here’s a very, very sad fact for your Bitch Slap Blog Slap of the Day, as brought to you by the fabulous Stephen Pressfield, author of The War of Art and now the author of this new book:

Nobody Wants to Read Your Shit.

Ouch.  Harsh reality check. But in my experience, completely and totally true.

You totally DON’T want to read my shit, probably not even this blog post, not when both of us could be binge-watching Archer or blissing out to SuperSoul Sunday (See, if you’re the kind of person who’s willing to read a blog post from a brand called Bitch Slap of Truth, I already know you probably dig at least one of those two things).

Nobody wants to read your shit.

That’s kinda a perfect Bitch Slap of Truth right there, and we could just leave it at that.  But that would be too depressing.  So let’s look at the second part of Pressfield’s title:

Nobody Wants to Read Your Shit:  Why That Is and What You Can Do About It.

Now.  How do you feel about that?  Do you care?  Are you interested?  Do you want to read this book?

Do you want to buy this book?

If you an intentional professional who sometimes creates stuff that is made out of words (emails, reports, speeches, programs, websites, blogs, books, webinars, podcasts, etc., etc., etc.) that you actually want other people to read or watch or consume, this concept is probably a pretty important thing for you to get, yes?

We (the Bitch Slap Team), we love us some Stephen Pressfield, so we encourage you to get the book and study his techniques, which basically involve all the different cool ways to get past your client or customer or colleague’s automatic response of “I don’t care enough about this to click.”

But here’s one tip from us to consider.  Since nobody wants to read your shit anyway, you should name your shit something cool. 

Whether you are naming an email, a book, a program, a business, or (ahem!) an event, do your best to find a name that does some of the heavy lifting for you.

For example, in my own business, I help mission-minded entrepreneurs develop sexy, highly specialized brands.  In the beginning, I didn’t know what to call this business, but I needed the money and didn’t have time to futz around waiting for my “ultimate” name to arrive.

So I started out with “More Moore Consulting,” because my last name is Moore, and everybody wants more, right?  Maybe?

I knew it wasn’t the heavy lifting name I was looking for, so I didn’t spend money on it.  I slapped up a cheap website and business cards and went out and pounded the pavement.  I drank crappy tea at spiritual networking events.  And so forth.

I got who and what I could, in the world of mission-minded entrepreneurs.  Granted, they weren’t exactly the top-shelf in terms of market sophistication, but I wasn’t operating on that top shelf either, so we were well-suited.

Over time, as I worked with people, helping them get the joy of brand specialization, I kept saying, things like, “Oh, Shit, now that is a tight-ass brand!” Or “okay, we’re getting there, but this brand’s still not specialized enough for this market, not tight enough.”

“We need to get this supertight!” I kept saying.  “Supertight Brand!”

Oh.  Duh.  Okay, now that’s a name that does some heavy lifting.

And then I went out and spent some real money on a new website and business cards.

Now.  As for Bitch Slap of Truth?

We could have named our upcoming event “Women’s Street Savvy Personal Development,” or “Transform and Thrive,” or “Power Through a Bold New You,” or (my personal favorite) “Authentic and Empowered Blah Blah Blah.”

Or any one of these various  (and overused) combinations of words to suggest the vague promise of General Improvement.

You know what I mean.  There’s nothing wrong with any of those concepts.  But if you’re in our world, a world that loves both spirituality and success, you’re starting to get numb to most of those words.

So.  We settled on Bitch Slap of Truth, a very specific name that accomplishes a very specific purpose when you read it.  It’s a name that you either love (cause you’re one of our people), or that really puts you off (because we are not your cup of tea).

And if you do love that name, then, welcome.  We are here to support each other.  We know that many people who are here on some divine mission also have a fucking sense of humor, and we can’t help our snark factor.  Snark is just part of who we are.

Whatever your factor or flavor, do yourself a favor, and name your next project something cool.  Something that wakes us up to a whole new world of possibility.

You don’t have to use bad language, but you do have to realize, we don’t want to read your shit.

But we will, if you tempt us.

This evening event showcasing 6 Denver experts (and one hilarious Emcee!) in spiritual/personal development is:

  • A unique opportunity to gather in with like-minded visionary women (and a few brave men) who also love to laugh.
  • Like going to a TED Talks evening, but funnier, edgier, more irreverent and raw.
  • A chance to see a new perspective and experience a startling breakthrough in something important to you.
  • A great choice for a memorable girls’ night out!
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