Renee Ostertag

Bitch Slap of Truth Co-Founder | DPT, MPT, COMT, CERT.MDT, M.PHYSIO

Dr. Renee is an expert in Body Intelligence, a Licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy and really darn good at interpreting what the body is trying to tell you.

She translates the data your body is communicating and collaboratively discovers strategies for you to meet your body’s needs. She walks with people on a journey to reconnect them with their Self – the Voice of Authority within all of us that knows how to best navigate Life, heal the body and restore Life to a place of greater homeostasis.

In this process, the voices of Fear, Anxiety and Depression stop running the show of your Life and become quieter bystanders instead of Ruling Dominatrices.

bitch slap of truth because the truth saves time... and sanity

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