Say What??

If TED Talks and Saturday Night Live had a baby, and then tossed that baby into a room full of ambitious women professionals, you’d have the Bitch Slap of Truth event. It’s straight talk for intentional entrepreneurs and conscious corporates.

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Please don’t BITCH SLAP The Monkey. Let us take care of him. We help the decision makers of small and mid-sized businesses manager their Human Resources, Payroll, Staffing, and Accounting needs so that they can maintain a healthy work/life balance. This is done by taking Harris off your back. Who’s Harris? Read more…

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Your Sales Genius

Learn to embrace SALES from a new perspective.  Sales is the driver of any and every business, non-profit and relationship.  Whether or not you know it, you are always selling an idea, a point of view or yourself.  It’s easy to get caught up in “sales phobia and suffer from the thoughts that say, “I don’t want to be pushy” or “I hate sales.” Read more…


Maximum Offer

Christine Hutchins of Maximum Offer is passionate about helping women create authentic confidence and powerful presence when communicating their value in interviews. She helps women discover and experience their unique value and strengths in ways they’ve never considered before, all resulting in maximum offers. Read more…

Britt Nemeth Photography

Photography is my voice. I work with like-minded, creative people and businesses that want more than just pretty pictures from their photography. Together we create images that capture the essence of a particular person, place, event, or thing. Context Is Everything. Growing up my Dad was a photographer  Read more…

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Your Sales Genius

bitch slap of truth because the truth saves time... and sanity

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